Inspiring Makes on Pinterest

The social media aficonados among you are sure to be avid fans of image-based site Pinterest already.

For those of you who aren’t pinning like there’s no tomorrow, it’s basically an online inspiration board, akin to a scrapbook or a mood board. It’s a nice way to bookmark your favourite tutorials on a visual basis, for example.

Eagle-eyed readers and those of you who follow me on Pinterest already will notice my first board is dedicated to inspiring makes, where I’ve started collating some of my favourite sewing makes from the big talents on the sewing blogosphere. Sometimes, the best way to improve your stitching is by taking inspiration from other stitchers.

Source: via Elena on Pinterest

Take Angela from Sew I Thought, for example. After a bit of a blogging hiatus, she’s back with some blooming beautiful creations, including this bowtastic blouse made from Simplicity 2154, a reissue of a 1960s pattern. It’s very Mad Men, don’t you think?


Continuing with the vintage theme, how fantastic is Erika’s blue rose party dress? She’s really made the most of the panelled fabric and the little ric-rac details add a real professional touch.

If you want to see more Inspiring Makes, check out my board on Pinterest and get following if you have an account. Would you guys be interested in regular updates on the blog about inspiring projects I’ve been pinning?

Me Made May ’12 – Thank you Zoe

It’s the final day of Me Made May 2012!

This month has gone by in the blink of an eye, a mix of me-made, work placements complemented with a flurry of exam and deadline nerves. When I’ve had a chance to check out people’s outfits on the Flickr group, I’ve loved seeing everyone’s outfits as the month went on.

Obviously, there’s one person to thank for all this! Zoe’s a real inspiration of the blogosphere – I even got the chance to meet her in person this month when I visited Brighton right at the beginning of May. Gillian came up with a great idea on the Flickr group to thank Zoe, hence the thank you sign.

Me Made May was all about re evaluating my relationship with my me-made wardrobe. Too many of my makes end up with discarded mass-made clothing at the bottom of my wardrobe, but May brought the spotlight right back on the leaps and bounds I’ve made with sewing since I first dusted off my sewing machine.

But more than this, Me Made May is about a community. Hats off to Zoe, because she’s helped create something you’ll find digital journos going on about all the time: a real sense of community. The best part of blogging is the way connections are built with like-minded people and I can’t think of many better examples than Me Made May.

So, thank you Zoe, for creating an inspiring community challenge. Looking forward to next year already!

As for the last outfit of Me Made May, what better note to end on than with my favourite make so far? I really wish my pictures showed how lovely the flocked velvet hearts on the fabric are. This one’s particularly apt, as I paired it with some tights and a yellow cardigan when I met Zoe in Brighton.

This time, I added one of my favourite scarves from my collection, which I bought when I did my first shop as an employee in Lush. The scarves in Lush are either designed by the company and made from recycled bottles or vintage, like this one. Whenever we got a batch of new scarves, you’d have to be quick to snap up your favourite before a customer or another member of staff got to it first.

The general rule we used to go by was to put your favourite scarf on display at the beginning of the shift and if it was still there at the end, it was clearly just destined to be yours. Or, at least, that was how I justified the ridiculous amount of vintage scarves I accumulated while working there!

Happy end of May, everyone! What were your highlights?

Keep your eyes peeled for more on the me-made refashion challenge. I’ll get these exams out of the way and get the plans rolling…

Me Made May ’12 – Layer up!

Trying to avoid outfit repetitions often results in a bit of creative thinking for Me Made May.

This top is actually a dress! A pretty short dress, mind you. I wear it when I’m feeling particularly scandalous. Or, you know, with a pair of tights.

But as it’s Me Made May, I thought I might pair it with my ruby red Cynthia Rowley skirt from Day 1. The result isn’t too bad – I’ve always loved the cowl neck on this dress. Note to self: make some cowl neck tops.

Not too long a blog today because I’m polishing up a feature for my final day on placement. Yesterday, I got the chance to go to a publishing conference in London, which was pretty ace! The idea of being able to pop to London on the train is surreal for a Cardiff girl used to a horrible and normally smelly drive there in a cheap as chips Megabus.

But, obviously, the best bit is the press badge. I love a good press badge, me.

Me Made May Day ’12 – The Apple of my Eye

One of the best bits of Me Made May is it gives you an excuse to get up and dress up a little, even if you’re staying in for most of the day.

With two exams on the horizon, that was what was in store for me today, but I may have got a little distracted getting dolled up for Me Made May numero uno. Today, I wore a second-hand lace top found during a lucky trip to a Swansea charity shop some time ago and another blast from the past, a bright red Cynthia Rowley-designed skirt I made while living in Germany.

As promised, I said I’d tell you a little bit about one aspect of my Me Made May outfits and I thought I’d start off with something a little bit different.

While I was still working at Lush Cosmetics, the Cardiff branch opened up a pop-up shop in the brand-new shopping centre. For the short while it was open, the staff were split between Lush on Queen Street and Lush in St David’s 2. The funniest moment came when customers asked how staff in one store felt about the other competing against it even though we were actually, for all intents and purposes, the same team.

St David’s 2 attracted a lot of brands to the city centre, including accessories specialist Ollie & Nic. Now, I’m the kind of girl who will buy the sturdiest bag possible and put it through its paces. Most of my bags are ‘Mary Poppins’ bags – i.e, I can fit just about everything in there, whether I need it or not.

But one bag really caught my eye. You know how you sometimes pass a shop and have to turn back to look at the window display and sigh? Yeah well that’s what happened whenever I saw their wicker apple bag. Totally impractical, but absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, at £40, it was a little bit out of my price range for an impulse buy. So, every time I popped into work, I stopped to stare a little bit longer at the lovely, expensive and impractical shoulder bag. I expected it to go away when the seasons changed, but I imagine it’s quite the bestseller, because it’s stuck around since Christmas 2010.

How did I come about my little apple bag? Well, for my 23rd birthday, my Mum bought it for me, knowing how much I’d been eyeing it up. I feel bad, because it’s an expensive and impractical bag (not to mention something new during the pledge! Shh, I didn’t buy it so it doesn’t count…) BUT I LOVE IT SO.

So there’s the first of my little wardrobe diaries! It’s a little contrary to what the pledge is about – but a little treat once in a while isn’t so bad.

How’s everyone else’s Me Made Mays panning out?