The Weekend Reading List

My week has been full of everything but sewing! I’ve still been keeping tabs on my favourite blogs – here are some posts which may tickle your fancies too!

Tilly popped up a tutorial for puff sleeves yesterday, the same as those featured on her latest button back blouse. I love a good tutorial, and Tilly’s are always very helpful.

It’s not about sewing per se, but Miss Katie wrote an excellent post this week, hitting back at women looking down on those who enjoy past-times traditionally associated with females. She says it a lot better than I do, go read!

This post from Tasia at Sewaholic earlier in the week caught my eye. She asks: “How does your partner feel about your love of sewing?” It’s worth delving into the comments as well as reading the post itself, maybe even share your own experiences!

Speaking of reading comments – have a look at those on my last post about getting rid of old clothes, it’s been great to read people’s experiences with textile recycling. On a similar, sustainable, note, Zoe has a great post about commercial consumption which is, as always, very thought-provoking.

Happy reading!

Sewing around the blogosphere

I’m currently working on some interview material which will be posted in due course, so I thought I’d pop up a quick post of my blog reading from the past few weeks! As you know, I love me some sewing blogs, and there’s been some lovely stuff going on around the blogosphere!

Coletterie, the blog for Colette Patterns blew my mind this week with some handy tips on gathering stitches. Small things eh… In all seriousness,  it’s a blog worth following for little tips like this.

Tilly and the Buttons has been busy, making a beautiful leaf patterned pencil skirt and also featuring the lovely Gertie of Gertie’s New Blog For Better Sewing, who has written a Day in the Life guest blog! Both these ladies are amazing, so do check both blogs out.

Ali over at The Wardrobe Reimagined successfully reverse-engineered a ready-to-wear garment, re-creating a blazer. You can read about her methods here, and about the finished garment here! Ali’s also touched upon the Occupy movement in her area in the second post, and how current events can link in with our wardrobe and the memories clothes bring to us. Worth a read and a comment, even if you don’t sew!

Last but not least is a lady you’ll be spotting on the blog pretty soon – Zoe made an amazing Nautical Diner Dress and posted about it this week. Lovely stuff, especially if you’re a fan of vintage patterns!