Me Made May ’12 – A Tale of Many T-Shirts

Day two of Me Made May coincides with one of the most anticipated events of a Swansea student’s year – Welsh Varsity.

Billed as the clash of the Welsh titans, essentially it’s a case of Swansea students making their way to the capital city to face old nemesis Cardiff in a variety of sporting events, culminating in a rugby match in the Millennium Stadium.

My student card may class me as a Cardiff postgraduate student, but there was no doubt who I was supporting today…

Welsh Varsity 2012

Alas, we didn’t win. Boo!

Every Swansea ticket comes with a free t-shirt everyone wears on the day to support the ‘green and white army’. As you may be able to tell, ladies normally hack a pair of scissors at them – I’d like to say some sort of design acumen was involved here, but quite frankly, I hacked at the neckline with a small pair of scissors as soon as I met my friends in a Cardiff bar… because I’m well classy like that. I paired it with the wannabe hack pencil skirt, thanking my lucky stars I had something which went with that colour green!

Like many Swansea students, my wardrobe is bloody full of the free t-shirts the Swansea Union events team dish out as part of their busy events schedule. No cash-strapped student is going to sniff at a free t-shirt after all. In fact, I’d bet you  any Swansea student taking the Seamless pledge could probably keep their wardrobe replenished on a stock of Swansea union t-shirts alone.

One of my good friends ran for election two years running – he’s set to be President of Swansea Union next year in fact! Anyway, the t-shirts he made for both elections now hang up in his office, one hand painted and stained with oodles of blue paint and the other decorated with fuzzy felt sewn on by his lovely girlfriend. As I said before, clothes hold memories, and you can bet you gain a lot of them as an undergraduate at Swansea.

But, as a thrifty Seamless pledger, I’m dying to get something done with these t-shirts. It would be a little easier if they were plain, but normally they’ve got some schnazzy design thought up by the hardworking team in Uni. Despite this, I hate the idea of them just languishing in my cupboard, only coming out when I need to dye my hair!

If any of you have any cracking tutorials which could help solve my problem, then feel free to send them my way!

Also – REALLY fun story with this photo. My lovely friend Rosie said almost straight away when I saw her: “OOH! What are you wearing today that you made? HAVE YOU TAKEN THE PICTURE YET? Can I take the picture?”

I heart Rosie. See, I have people outside of the blogosphere checking up on me too…

2012 Sewing Resolutions

I actually can’t believe 2012 is here! Ridiculous, no?

There have been a couple of looking ahead and sewing resolution posts popping up around the place, so how better to start 2012 than with a couple of resolutions? It’s odd, I’m not usually in the habit of making resolutions – in fact, even New Year’s Eve tends to be more of a non-event than anything – but there are a couple of things I want to do to take my sewing further.

The first is a no-brainer…

Sew more

Last year wasn’t the greatest in terms of sewing output, and this is partly because I haven’t had the time and partly down to laziness on my part. No more! I resolve to sew more – even if it’s just for half an hour one evening. Also, I can knit now! This can easily be done while watching the news. Wow, I really am quite the journo-crafter hybrid aren’t I?

Put quality over quantity

Saying this, I need to sort some of my bad sewing habits. As much as I’d love to end this year having sewn as much as Debi, I just haven’t got the same standard of skills yet! Even if it slows down progress, it’ll always be worth taking a step back, planning carefully and taking my time with finishing.

Meet more bloggers!

Blogging can often be seen as a little bit self-indulgent, but if you take a look at the sewing community which has built up around these little online logbooks, then you’ll see just the opposite. I’m genuinely chuffed to bits to be part of the community and contributing something through the pledge. I’ve been to a few blogger meetups before and it’s been great to actually meet internet people in the flesh!

I’m sure I could think of many more, but those are just a few. What about you guys? Got any resolutions? A couple of people have taken the pledge as their new year’s resolution – get in touch if you have!