Hi! I’m Elena.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 21.21.07

Since I first picked up my sewing machine, I’ve wondered if perhaps this ideal of a whole wardrobe full of high street bargains is a bit overrated. Inspired by other members of the sewing blogosphere, I dived straight in the deep end and abstained from buying any ready-made clothing in October 2011. My first pledge finished in July 2012, but I’m still sewing away.

Fancy joining me in this self-made mission? Feel free to comment, email me or tweet me @elenacresci with your thoughts.

When I’m not spending quality time with my seam-ripper and getting pins stuck in my feet, I work as a social media editor at the Guardian.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. angryswann says:

    I love your blog, what a brilliant pledge! I am planning to start making my own stuff as soon as I get a sewing machine. Look out, charity shops and vintage shops, here I come! I was wondering, with only a few weeks to go, what will be your first purchase from the shops? Not long now!

  2. Shop Joya says:

    Happy to connect with you. Saw one of your tweets, followed you here and are now following you on all your social media platforms. Looking forward to your future posts. Hope you will visit and follow us too! ~ ShopJoya

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