I’m back and I’m getting my wiggle on

Well, hello there, dear readers! Long time, no see.

wiggle dress 2

The last time I updated, I was fresh from moving into my brand spanking new flat in Cardiff Bay. While it’s a lovely feeling to be living independently once more, I forgot exactly how long it can take to get connected when you move somewhere new.

On the plus side, whay! The internet is back!

And what better time to show you what I’ve been up to?

wiggle dress 5

When it comes to sartorial choices, I feel the closer I can get to Joan Holloway, the better. For this reason, it baffles me how it’s taken me this long to finally make a wiggle dress.

My pattern book du jour, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, has to be Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. Since she debuted her wiggle dress pattern on her blog last year, I’ve been itching to make my own.

The pattern itself seems simple enough- until you get to the bloody arm gussets. The hours I spent over those triangular (insert expletive here)!

I can’t say all those hours quite translate into the finished product. There are some puckers around the corners still, but hopefully no one will really notice those unless I plan on waving my arms around like I just don’t care. And even then, it might be in a place where everyone’s faaaar too drunk to notice. Who looks at armpits on a regular basis anyway?

wiggle dress 4

I also can’t help but feel I’ve missed the mark somewhat on the sizing here. It may be worsened by my choice of fabric somewhat, but I just can’t get my head around the annoying crinkles and creases cropping up whenever I wear this dress.

After tacking it together, I had to take about an inch from each side of the dress, plus a little more off the hips as I’ve got quite a small waist to hip ratio.

The fabric is a cotton number with some teeny-tiny polka dots. I used some left-over scraps from my Mathilde blouse to make the cuffs and lined the whole thing with some of John Lewis’ basic lining fabric.

That said – I love the sunny colour, I’m well chuffed with the cuffed sleeves (self-drafted! I can do a tutorial if anyone fancies it…) and have finally cracked the perfect technique for a sturdy skirt vent.

wiggle dress 3

Nevertheless, I’ve got the wiggle dress bug now and I’ll definitely be making another. I don’t think I’ll use this pattern again. I’ve got my eye on a BurdaStyle number with a draped cowl detail – are there any wiggle dress patterns out there you would recommend?

10 thoughts on “I’m back and I’m getting my wiggle on

  1. Sewing Princess says:

    What a great fitting dress. I am still to make that pattern, but I actually plan to make the same Burdastyle dress you mentioned…fabric is already in my stash.
    I’d love a small tutorial on the sleeve cuffs.

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Ooooooh, wiggle wiggle!! This dress is awesome on you!! And, I’ve never sewn underarm gussets so don’t really have any advice but I don’t notice anything amiss at all in the pics, looks good to me! I like the contrasting cuffs folded back as well.

  3. Lynne says:

    Ooo! Slinkly!! Your dress look great, I love the colour and the sleeve cuffs. I would love to know your technique for a study skirt vent because I haven’t cracked that one yet!

  4. gingermakes says:

    I love this shape and color on you! Way cute! I love that Burda pattern, too– it’s been in my queue for a while, but I haven’t been anxious to deal with that much bias cut fabric.

  5. francescamw says:

    It’s gorgeous and sexy. I think some of the issues you mentioned could be fixed with a fabric that has a little more give or springiness to it. But, frankly, I don’t think anyone is going to notice the crinkles!

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