A Mathilde blouse avec French seams

Ooh la la – isn’t Tilly’s Mathilde blouse just a delight to sew?

Mathilde collage

Decent, long-sleeved blouses are sorely lacking in my wardrobe. The Mathilde blouse was pretty much exactly what I needed to fill that gap – in a neutral colour, it would work well for both work and home. It’s also an absolute breeze to put together. Note: I couldn’t quite resist the siren call of the yellow buttons…

Tucks are my new best friend

Tucks are my new best friend

Long-term readers of the blog will know I avoid buttonholes like the plague – but now bound buttonholes don’t seem so scary, I thought I’d try my hand at a row of the more modern kind. Unfortunately, my sewing machine doesn’t really *do* this whole automatic buttonhole malarkey. There’s a function for a buttonhole stitch somewhere, I’m sure, but I’ll be damned if I know how to find it and I can’t find the manual anywhere. In the end, I fiddled around with the settings and sewed them manually. They’re not as tidy or as even as I’d like, but not bad for a first-timer. Len 1 – buttonholes 0.

mathilde 1

The fabric is some off-white polycotton I had in my stash. This being my first time working with white fabric, I hadn’t quite realised how transparent it would be. When it came to attaching the facings, there was no way I could get around how much they showed through the fabric. In the end, I made some bias binding to secure the neckline.

The whole blouse is put together using French seams, which are an absolute delight on a blouse like this. Not to mention, the fabric itself unravels horribly – luckily French seams stop that from happening and give you a nice, clean finish. I even used French seams on the sleeves!

Et voila! French seams - even on the sleeves!

Et voila! French seams – even on the sleeves!

In all, I don’t think I’ve had such a catastrophe-free sewing project in quite some time. Considering there are buttonholes involves, that’s quite some feat. I didn’t even have to adjust the pattern too much – the back looks like it’s puckering in the pictures, but it’s actually because it got all crinkled while I was out and about during the day. It’s super comfortable to wear and looks smart enough for an office environment.

mannequin collage

Hats off to Tilly, it’s a great pattern! Get yourself one here.

Also, I’ve worn this for ONE DAY and I have already split tea on it!! Such a mucky pup.

11 thoughts on “A Mathilde blouse avec French seams

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Thanks Lelie! I actually got it off eBay – can’t find the link to hand just now, but I’ve been meaning to do a post on it this week anyway so all the info should be there. You could probably add the floral fabric yourself though, I’ve seen a few tutorials floating about.

  1. Stephanie Lanzetti says:

    Gorgeous top… I have the pattern and two lots of material to make it in… but just haven’t had the time to do it. I keep seeing it all over the interweb – laughing at me…… soon… soon.


  2. annmarieisthatgirl says:

    I just bought this pattern and cannot wait for it to arrive in the mail. Seeing it on your site just confirms I made a wise choice in investing in this pattern, it looks fantastic and would compliment any wardrobe….and I think the yellow buttons make it a stand out. Lovely.

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