Featured pledger: Denise of Dottie Doodle

It’s been a while since we had a featured pledger, hasn’t it? Dottie’s post has been stuck in my inbox for a while now as I continue the work and life juggling. Her pledge came to an end last month, but here are some of her thoughts on not buying new…

Name: Denise (Dottie Doodle)

Website: http://dottiedoodle.wordpress.com

Pledging until the end of January 2013

Why did you take the Seamless Pledge?

I have always loved the feeling of being on holiday with just a suitcase full of possessions, making up outfits for unexpected occasions or weather. Like the time we went to Spain for a sunny autumn break and it snowed!

But in my everyday life I surrounded myself with things, my wardrobe was stuffed with clothes I didn’t wear and our lovely house looked cluttered. I stopped buying clothes for a year (with a few slip ups) before hearing about the pledge, but didn’t tell anyone.

Making it public was scary – I’d have to stick to it! I decided to take the Pledge a step further and give away or sell clothes and other things I didn’t use. I had a lot of stuff, and stopping shopping wasn’t going to be enough on its own.

What impact has the pledge had on your day-to-day life? 

I rarely go shopping now, and if I go into a clothes shop I’m more interested in garment construction and wondering if I can make the things I like than I am in buying something.

A famous department store has just opened a new branch near me, and pre-pledge I would have had to buy a few things. Surely rude not to, after they’d gone to all that trouble?! Instead, I spent a happy hour choosing two things for my Christmas list. I’ve sold and given away plenty of things.

If it doesn’t fit, doesn’t flatter me or I don’t have the occasion to wear it, it goes. I have kept a few things for ‘posh dos’ and weddings, but I don’t need lots of options so only my favorites stay.

Any tips for someone wanting to give up mass-made clothing? 

For me, it is learning to sew. I still get the fun of having something new to wear, but making something is obviously a much longer process than just handing over some cash. So I make less than I used to buy ready-made, and I enjoy wearing my new clothes more.

I felt like I was going backwards at first, as it took time for me to work out which patterns would suit me and the best fabrics to use. That seems wasteful, but I think it is part of the process. Reading sewing blogs has helped me enormously – shared experience is a wonderful thing. Also having my own blog has been very motivating.

There have been a few times when I’ve hit problems and wanted to stuff the offending item in a drawer and forget about it. But thinking ‘this will make a good post’ has kept me going!

Make sure you check out Dottie’s blog – she’s recently posted a tutorial for a really cute book cover as part of Sew Grateful week. 

3 thoughts on “Featured pledger: Denise of Dottie Doodle

  1. gingermakes says:

    Great post! I can totally identify with the feeling of being buried under stuff! I spent most of my life as a minimalist because I moved really frequently through my childhood, teens, and early ’20’s. It’s just impossible to accumulate things when you move every year! But now that I’ve been more stationary, I’m starting to feel like I have too many things. Like you said, you don’t know how little you really need until you take a trip! 🙂

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