Moving back to Wales!

News! More news!

Well, it is what I do, after all.


Mind how I made the scary move to England but a few months ago? It seems you can’t keep the girl out of Wales and I’m moving on back to Cardiff to start a new job at Media Wales in January.

It wasn’t exactly planned, as you’ve probably guessed, but I’m really excited about it. I never really settled into Guildford as well as I’d hoped – it’s not so fun living here without a car!

So that’s why my posts (and sewing) have been sparse of late, but hopefully things will get moving once I’m settled once more.

Edit: You guys are the best. Had a rubbish day but your lovely comments made me smile loads, thank you!

10 thoughts on “Moving back to Wales!

  1. Zoe says:

    Hi Len, I’m super happy for you. I’m sure you’ll be much happier back in Cardiff. New year, new job! How exciting!!! Lots of love, Zoe xxx

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