Me Made May ’12 – Super casual

Compared to the hoo-ha of Varsity yesterday, the third day of Me Made May has been super-chilled and relaxed.

Save for a quick visit to the polling station, today’s been about the structure of the European Parliament and the Department for Working Pensions. I bet you’re jealous.

To rock out with my, er, books, I grabbed the comfiest clothes I could find. Namely, my ridiculous ‘jeggings’, a black vest top with my me-made Port Elizabeth top thrown over it for good measure. It’s not actually a top I wear very often anymore, so it was good to wear it again after so long.

In fact, I’d recommend you check out the Port Elizabeth top pattern, if you haven’t already. It’s very, very simple to throw together and great if you need a quick sewing project to satisfy your stitching cravings.

My version hails from when I got involved with Ali’s Summer Essentials challenge from just under two years ago. It’s finished with serged edges and some black bias tape around the neckline and sleeves and was super easy to sew.

Nevertheless, I had to fix it a little today – while it lay neglected in my wardrobe, one side had begun to come apart! I do worry sometimes my early stitchings will come to this, because my skills weren’t as good.

Has anyone else discovered some forgotten gems in their wardrobe through this challenge?

Do make sure you check out the Me Made May Flickr group! There are some really lovely outfits on there, like this one from Marie Murasaki. Lovely!

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