Finished Meringue – making the best out of a bad situation

After much in the way of seam-ripping, frustration and snipping of scallops, my Meringue skirt is done, but it looks a little different from how I’d originally intended.

Grainy image is grainy – I need Martha!

First of all, I’d like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who offered their tips and sympathies in my last post.

I’ve shyed away from blogging about sewing mistakes before, because you lot are so bloody talented I don’t want to show myself up! All joking aside, I think it’s better to admit to mistakes, move on and make the best of such things.

In this case, it meant doing away with the scallops. Despite the Colette book explicitly saying I should choose a fabric which holds shape well, I was swayed by the lovely bottle-green colour and drape of this swishy crepe from a fabric shop down the road from my new place in Cardiff. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a bit of swish!

When it came to ironing the scallops, it became clear they wouldn’t set. They were all puffy and bulky in the wrong places. Then there was the fit of the skirt itself – it was so, so loose! It looks a bit too tight in the above photo because I’d just cooked an epic meal for some friends, so you’ll have to trust me on the fit being a lot better now!

Obviously I’m way, way behind on the Sew Colette challenge, but nevertheless I’m going to move on from this one and get on with the Parfait dress. This time, I’m definitely making a muslin!

Apologies for being really behind on catching up on blogs of late, I promise I’ll be back commenting soon!

13 thoughts on “Finished Meringue – making the best out of a bad situation

  1. Yvette says:

    I think that looks really good. I have done mine with scallops but want to do another with a waistband and no scallops just like yours as I know I will wear it more! Great recovery.

  2. ReadyThreadSew says:

    I hate the scallops on the meringue skirt with a passion you wouldn’t believe, so I am always happy to see one without the scallops :). Without the scallops it’s a very nice, flattering A-line skirt. With the scallops it’s a grown-up woman dressing as Tinkerbell (completely IMHO, and I think I may be alone IMO).

  3. ElleC says:

    Brand new reader here, and new blogger too. I really know what you mean about everyone being so talented. Believe me when I say I am not one of them. The skirt looks lovely and no one will ever know about the scalloped hem unless you tell them.

  4. StephC says:

    Looks like a cute, versatile skirt… I used to hate blogging about mistakes, too, but I figure if *I* can learn from my mistakes, the others can too. 🙂

  5. maddie says:

    No apologies needed. We all make mistakes! I once cut a dress in two I was so fed up with its progress. It’s great that you continued despite your frustration and finished the project. Bravo!

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