Sew Colette : When life gets in the way

sew colette meringue sewalong

The Meringue skirts for the Sew Colette sewalong look absolutely amazing! Hats off to those of you who got them finished because the ones I’ve seen on the Flickr group are amazing. One of my favourites so far is Lucille’s two-tone beauty, which you can read about here.

Sadly, this is what mine looks like at the moment. (excuse the crappy phone-camera shot, my camera is broken) Hopefully I’ll get it done this week so I can get involved with the Pastille dress, but for now, I’m a little behind.

Life gets in the way of sewing sometimes. It’s a topic I’ve touched on before – the course I’m doing is pretty demanding and while 2012 has been much better in terms of sewing than the beginning of 2011 was, sometimes I get home and don’t much feel like sewing at all.

The logo for our in-house paper. 

Let’s take yesterday for example. Far from being entirely unproductive, yesterday our team put together our very first newspaper in the first of our 18 production days.

These are part of our assessment – basically, we all take different roles within the newsroom and work together to create the paper by our deadline of 4.30. So yesterday, instead of being a student, seamstress or a blogger I had to put on a Chief-Sub hat and hope for the best.

Basically, I was the one in charge of the layout of the paper, what went where and assigning stories to people who checked them over and made sure they fit into boxes on the page.

…it’s alright, we got the paper out, we survived!

I have a tendency to match up new experiences to various hobbies I have. My first production day as a whole was a lot like the very first time I had a full-contact fight in Karate – I certainly felt like I’d had the wind knocked out of me after both days and I’ll let you guess which one had me sat with a bag of frozen peas on my head for the evening…

In some ways, when we saw the entire paper up on the board completely finished, it reminded me a bit of the first time I ever sewed a piece of clothing.

By my sewing standards now, it was utter crap – the seams weren’t finished, pretty sure the waistband didn’t match up and the invisible zipper was definitely on show. It’s also made from a quilting cotton which creases really easily (huh, sounds familiar…) and I’m pretty sure it’s falling to pieces.

We’ll probably look back on what we’ve done in our first paper and cringe at  the mistakes we made – but there’s still this sense of accomplishment (and relief!) at creating the product itself.

My first ever skirt is hidden somewhere at the bottom of my drawer… what about you? Any first sewing memories? I’ll try and dig out some pictures so I can show you, but I’d love to have a look at any of yours – the good, the bad and the ugly!

6 thoughts on “Sew Colette : When life gets in the way

  1. Rochelle New says:

    I know what you mean about life getting in the way! It happens to the best of us. Hang in there and sew when it’s enjoyable!

    Also, thank you for the little shout out. I’m glad you like my skirt! 🙂

  2. Rachel W. says:

    Whew– good job on the school project! That sounds like a job and a half. Like sewing, though, I’m sure it’ll become a smoother process as time goes on! Best of luck!

    I’m behind on the Sew-Along too– my fabric never showed up! I made an attempt at sewing up a placeholder Meringue, but it’s a hideous mess that’ll never see the light of day. I was tempted to sew another, better placeholder while I wait for my *real* fabric to arrive, but that’s silly on several levels, isn’t it?

  3. tabathatweedie says:

    Life is definitely getting in the way for me this month – I’m moving house so I don’t think I’ll be sewing up a Pastille dress for the Sew Colette sewalong, or at least, I won’t be doing it in February! Good work on the paper, and hope you like your Meringue once you’ve finished it.

  4. Trice says:

    I did some digging around found the very first thing I ever made (and others). My first sewing project were arm warmers self-drafted. They could have been a little smaller to fit my arms but I was really proved of them.
    First Sewing Project: Armwarmers

  5. Sarah says:

    I totally understand life taking priority over sewing! I fell behind on the Meringue schedule, too! Your Meringue is looking good! Bring on the Pastille 🙂

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