2012 Sewing Resolutions

I actually can’t believe 2012 is here! Ridiculous, no?

There have been a couple of looking ahead and sewing resolution posts popping up around the place, so how better to start 2012 than with a couple of resolutions? It’s odd, I’m not usually in the habit of making resolutions – in fact, even New Year’s Eve tends to be more of a non-event than anything – but there are a couple of things I want to do to take my sewing further.

The first is a no-brainer…

Sew more

Last year wasn’t the greatest in terms of sewing output, and this is partly because I haven’t had the time and partly down to laziness on my part. No more! I resolve to sew more – even if it’s just for half an hour one evening. Also, I can knit now! This can easily be done while watching the news. Wow, I really am quite the journo-crafter hybrid aren’t I?

Put quality over quantity

Saying this, I need to sort some of my bad sewing habits. As much as I’d love to end this year having sewn as much as Debi, I just haven’t got the same standard of skills yet! Even if it slows down progress, it’ll always be worth taking a step back, planning carefully and taking my time with finishing.

Meet more bloggers!

Blogging can often be seen as a little bit self-indulgent, but if you take a look at the sewing community which has built up around these little online logbooks, then you’ll see just the opposite. I’m genuinely chuffed to bits to be part of the community and contributing something through the pledge. I’ve been to a few blogger meetups before and it’s been great to actually meet internet people in the flesh!

I’m sure I could think of many more, but those are just a few. What about you guys? Got any resolutions? A couple of people have taken the pledge as their new year’s resolution – get in touch if you have!

9 thoughts on “2012 Sewing Resolutions

  1. Rachel W. says:

    All good resolutions! I’m definitely aiming for quality over quantity as well– no more cheesy shortcuts!

    I’m going to make an attempt to methodically learn some new techniques, instead of picking up random bits and pieces online. I’ve got a pattern drafting textbook coming to me through the library. It’s a bit intimidating, but if I actually work through it, I’ll be so much better at the end!

    • Elena Cresci says:

      I’m the same! I’m planning to follow the Colette book as closely as I possibly can to get my sewing up to scratch this year!

  2. Diane says:

    I’m excited, this is only the 3rd of January and I have completed 4 projects, I had two nativity quilt wall hangings (started circa 2005) finally put the bindings on both 1/1/2012. Red blazer (circa 2003) needed 2 button holes and buttons also finished 1/1/2012. Grandpa cardigan started with piece of knit fabric purchased at a yard sale in 2010 (2 yards/$1.50) self drafted pattern started and finished project 1/2-1/2/2012. Very productive 3 evenings 🙂 off ot a great start.

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Check you out! Unfortunately I’ve been away the past week on work experience, so such productivity has been beyond me 😉 possibly not the best start to the year!

  3. Amelia May says:

    I think the Do More And Do It Better resolution is a great one for all creators of any stripe. The trick is just figuring out what will motivate you to get there. For me, it’s planning several gifts I want to make using embroidery for people this year, that will push me to finish the designs and perfect the stitching skillz. Good luck to everyone!

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