One row forwards, two rows back – my first time knitting

knitting needles Weapons of choice: er… knitting needles?

Knitting’s one of those skills I’ve always wanted to master. When I used to commute from Swansea to work in Cardiff, I’d always spot a knitter or two on the train and the green eyed monster would pop out. If only my sewing machine were more transportable, I’d think, then I could be a crafting commuter too!

Well, enough is enough. If anything, it was Karen’s sensational snood which set me off – truthfully, three things about her awfully comfy looking snood:

knitting tache!

You can consider me well and  truly on the snood bandwagon. Yes siree.

It was a close call though. For the past three days, I’ve driven the knitting expert in my house (my Mum) to near madness with my utter inability to get to grips with two knitting needles and some chunky yarn. Every five minutes, I’d wander to the living room, a skipped stitch or two in hand and plead for her to fix it.

“I swear, it’s like one row forwards and two rows back for you!” she said, undoing my mess and making sure my knits and purls were in the right places. Oops.

Instead of following the Guardian pattern, I’m trying to make a snood which is thinner but longer in length so I can wrap it around my neck and hide in it when people are looking for me. Foolproof!

I think she’s got it!

For once, this is a skill I’m learning the old fashioned way – it makes a nice change learning from an actual person than from a Youtube video. Saying this, I know plenty of you have learnt online – got any recommendations? Or should I just stick to annoying my Mum?

I’ve heard some good things about Ravelry – are any of you on there already?

8 thoughts on “One row forwards, two rows back – my first time knitting

  1. Rachelle says:

    I learned the basics from my Mum and Gran, but the extra bits I learned from books and You Tube. Mum and Gran mostly knit stocking stitch and once I mastered that I wanted to try out cables, stranded colourwork and lace. That and I no longer lived with them so bugging them was much harder to do

  2. Rachel W. says:

    Oh man, do I hear you. I’m on attempt number five or so trying to learn to conquer knitting, and I’m trying a tubular scarf (circular needles, agh, so much more difficult than straight needles, aaagh). Someone recommended the videos on Knitting, which managed to sort me out when I got fouled up with continental knitting.

    Best of luck to you! I strongly believe that Knitting is Magic, but I’m starting to believe that it’s perhaps magic that even my clumsy hands can learn.

  3. Anne says:

    So they finally got you knitting as well 🙂 When I started knitting approx. 4-5 years ago my mum said she couldn’t look at what I was doing hehe. Now I’m the one who is knitting the more complex things like sweaters. I use circular needles as it is easier when you have heavier yarns. The wool is also rather unlikely to fall of the needle when you put the whole thing aside. Scarfs are definitely the best thing to begin with as you can quickly see results. Ravelry is a very nice source for anything knitting related and a huge source for patterns. You can find me there as well 😉 Personally I love the the knitting book Stricken basics (published only in German as far as I know) where you can find all the techniques (at least the basics) explained in word and pictures and it also comes with a DVD. But I think that you can find lots of similar books in English as well.
    So, good luck with your snood!
    Greetz from Cologne

  4. kerriecurzoncreations says:

    Knitting looms are a really easy way to make snoods, as they’re already round. French knitting is so much easier – no needles involved! I can do a few basic things with kniting needles but I’m too impatient for much more! I have my Gran’s knitting machine, which I am slowly learning how to use. Good luck with your future attempts.

  5. prttynpnk says:

    I’m so jealous. Every few years I try to learn again- all I end up with is lots of unused yarn and a bunch of knotted up and mangled cat toys. The cats like it, but I am embarrassed by my hands refusal to learn!

  6. Layla says:

    My mum’s arriving in a few days with knitting needles in tow! She’s been instructed that this holiday is one for teaching me to really knit…so I’m with you, Old fashioned Mum teachers all the way!

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