What’s on your sewing table?

The Seamless pledge has been running for about a month now, yet my sewing output hasn’t improved quite as much as I’d thought. Part of my aim was to reconnect with my handmade wardrobe, but while I’ve refashioned a little bit, my sewing output has been lacking.

This is partly because I just haven’t had the time to sit down and sew. It’s actually very rare to find me at home nowadays. While living in Germany, my sewing table served as my base, and even during my lacklustre (in the sewing department) final year in Swansea, my sewing machine was rarely out of sight. Here in JOMEC’s newsroom, a sewing machine wouldn’t exactly fit in with the Macbooks, maps and newspapers!

living the the cjs newsroomWatching the Leveson Inquiry in the newsroom instead of sewing, I am cool.

I always knew this course would be full on, but I hoped I’d at least put aside some time to sew. As it stands, I’ve spent the last three weeks on the same project! It’s difficult to come back and forth from a project sometimes as often I’ll have given up on the last session because I hit a wall, only to return and discover the wall still remains. A bit frustrating to say the least, particularly when other sewing bloggers are consistently making good quality items on a regular basis.

Back in April, Tilly began her Sewing Productivity Project. There are a lovely set of posts about how best to organise your time to sew and even some data visualisation (I’m normally used to talking about this in the context of journalism!) with hints and tips on how to improve sewing productivity. It’s safe to say I’m not the only sewer having trouble with productivity. Tilly’s set of posts on this are really interesting, with some guest bloggers contributing too!

As it stands, I’ve been oh-so-slowly getting along with my self-drafted pencil skirt, but it has been taking an absolute age. All the while, I’ve been resisting actually buying any new clothing, which is great, but I’m not doing so well with regards to actually getting back in touch with the sewing aspect of my life.

Over to you. What’s on your sewing table? Do you ever find anything getting in the way of your sewing?

On an unrelated note – I’m really loving how willing everyone is to comment, particularly on my past post about old clothes. I do read everyone’s comments, even if I don’t get a chance to reply to them all! Keep them coming, it’s great to get some more perspective.

8 thoughts on “What’s on your sewing table?

  1. Jean says:

    Love your earrings!
    I found Tilly’s Sewing Productivity posts fantastic as well, they really helped me get sorted with procrastination. I’m currently starting a lovely Simplicity pattern (2215) designed by Cynthia Rowley, and the dress is so cute.

    At this stage in my life though, homework gets in the way of sewing, really! So time consuming but so important…

    Great post!


  2. Rozann says:

    What’s on my sewing table is an almost finished pillow for a Christmas gift, a still to begin quillow (a quilt that folds into a pocket and makes a pillow) for my daughter to replace the one she wore out from her childhood; some pillow cases to go on the new pillows for three of my sons; and last but hopefully not least, a Christmas skirt for me, circle style, made out a gorgeous red damask table cloth with a Christmas ornament motif (so pretty). I have to squeeze in sewing inbetween all the other seasonal activities as well as all the daily household duties. Hoping to take a couple of pictures to post on my own blog, if I can find the time. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in feeling stretched between all the things that need to be done and the things I want to do.

  3. Rachelle says:

    I have a tiered skirt, a t-shirt and a quilt needing to be sewn, as well as a few more t-shirts to cut out and some for my boys as well. Unfortunately sewing is also not happening for me atm due to eldest’s birthday party which is tomorrow and has required a certain amount of planning and preparation.

  4. prttynpnk says:

    I’m between gigs and I hate being between gigs! It makes me shop. I can’t seem to find pattern for fabric or fabric for pattern right now…this could lead to something unattractive!

  5. Judith says:

    What’s on my sewing table??? Well first I have to decide if my lot are ‘half-finished’ or ‘half-started’. Three dresses for my daughter are sitting glaring at me each time I enter my room, the pins in various seams shaking their heads at me in disgust at my laziness. Just don’t tell them today is my last day of work, and then follows 6 glorious weeks of catching up and de-pinning!!!

  6. Trice says:

    The Tikva Trench by Burdastyle is the main item that is on my sewing table. I have the the Minoru Jacket in the wings (pattern cut out). I also need to hem up a skirt I made for my BFF.
    The things I find getting in the way is myself, time and work.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I try to do quick, easy projects at home, then I don’t get frustrated. I save my complicated projects for sewing class (2 hours a week) and I typically spend the day before class prepping for class (doing any easy work like serging or cutting out patterns).
    I am frustrated with how little I’ve done so far though. I am in desperate need of new tops, and stocked up on knit fabric a few weeks back, but I haven’t had a chance to cut in to them yet.
    When I get home from work, get the little one to bed, all I want to do is curl up in front of the tv with a glass of wine.

  8. Zena says:

    It’s hard to say what’s on my sewing table because I have to decide if stalled projects are in progress or simply abandoned 😉

    The projects I most want to work on right now are: revising two pairs of trousers I made earlier to see if I can ever get them to f-ing fit me (desperate need for the final product); various little Christmas presents using the stash (obvious deadline); and Sewaholic’s Minoru jacket (for a trip in late January). I also have a simple self-designed skirt pattern that I’d like to improve and make up again; I keep getting new ideas about different fabrics I could try (black silk dupioni, deep red wool, berry-coloured linen, and, and…).

    Does anything get in the way of sewing? All the time! Fatigue (sewing + tired = bad decisions), work, and lots of other things I probably should attend to.

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