As I mentioned in my previous post, I managed to get the graduation ball dress finished on time, meaning I had a fabulous dress to wear to the do. Now, I had noticed a fair bit of spillage on the dress, which was a shame as I’d originally planned to wear it to a wedding the following Saturday, but figured it would come off in the wash. However, I did notice a bit of discolouration on the dress as well. I somewhat foolishly assumed it would come off in the wash, despite the gnawing feeling this would not be the case.

After having washed it, I’ve come to the horrifying realisation that something may well have bleached the fabric, and there are tonnes of very noticeable splashes of pink/purple all over the dress. As you can imagine, I’m less than pleased. Sure, I could always remake the dress in another fabric, but I really don’t have the funds to accommodate that, so I’m in somewhat of a pickle.

I have no idea what could have caused this – the fabric is a combed cotton I’d pre-washed before sewing the dress. It looks an awful lot like bleach to me. A possible solution could be to just throw caution to the wind and get the entire thing bleach-splashed, though I worry about how that would look. Alternatively, I could potentially dye the entire thing with a fabric dye, but I don’t know if that would evenly balance out the colour of the dress.

Has anyone ever had this problem before? Any thoughts you guys have would be greatly appreciated!

10 thoughts on “Disaster!

  1. catherinedaze says:

    Oh no 😦 I think if it was me I’d try dyeing; if you splash it with bleach it might not come out the same colour as whatever caused the original marks. Also not sure about a splattered effect with the style of the dress. But I’ve never had to deal with this so it’s just a guess. I hope you manage to fix it!

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Thanks Catherine! Yeah it’s a bit of a bummer. I agree with you; the bleaching effect wouldn’t really go with the dress. I may re-make the whole thing in another fabric, and reincarnate this as a circle skirt of some sort; possibly the bleach effect would work a little better? *sigh* isn’t it annoying when things like this happen?

  2. Joscelyne says:

    I think the problem is in the material you bought which doesn’t show on the roll and the cheaper the the price the more chance you have it to happened. I think it is called in your case a problem of dry filling see below the definition

    DRY FILLING: All treatments that undergo the fabrics after bleaching, dyeing or printing, for their implementation on the market or their use. The finishing includes operations such as the heat, scraping, embossing, pressing, calendering and the application of chemical primers that change the characteristics of the fabric.

    If the basic thread it not also deluster properly and the treatment applied correctly you end up having these spots. You often see it on white clothes and suddenly yellow spots appears. There is noting you can do about it. Redying will make it worst. One solution would be to embroider tone on tone all the spots but it would take you hours and hours of patience it is worthwhile? You don’t need to know how to embroider. I would suggest the best quality thread (DMC) because you have different finishes and an incredible range of colors. I would suggest the French knot put very close together. I have done it on a blue cotton dress with javel white spots it look really nice.

    Here are 2 websites one on embroidery stiches, the other on are images of projects made only with this stich.

    You will have probably to copy and paste the addresses below in order to have access to the website page

    French knot stich


    • Elena Cresci says:

      Hi Joscelyne, thanks for your advice! Oh man, I really hope it isn’t a problem with the fabric! I’m going to do a bit of experimentation with some of the scraps I left over from the roll to see if it actually is bleach, but your explanation sounds plausible, though I’ve never heard of it happening before.

      Embroidery isn’t something I’ve tried before – I’m not sure it would work in this case, but I’ll bear it in mind! Thanks for the links!

      • Joscelyne says:

        Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my answer. Don’t dye it because, I am sure the spots wilI come out a different shade. On the other hand I know embroidery seems a far fetch solution and almost impossible to do but…

        Why don’t you bring your dress to the fabric store where you bought it, bring also your cach receipt to prove that you bought your material there. At first, don’t say anything, see what explanation they come up with because if you say you have washed it they might say the material should be only dry clean and the same is true if you say you have sent it to the cleaner they say you should only wash it.

        Are you a regular customer for them? If yes maybe you can negociated a rebate on your purchase? Or, any kind of financial arrangement on your next purchase?

        In the meantime even you can’t wear it and have lost money, time, and have an emotional attachement to it keep your dress maybe one day a solution might appears you know like the “EUREKA” thing.
        Good luck

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Wow!! This is AMAZING! I think I just might try the painting on some new fabric and make a dress like Jorth has, it looks amazing!

      I did find a tutorial for galaxy style painting, which would probably go with the colour. I’m not sure it goes with the style of the dress – although, the bust doesn’t fit quiiiite right anyway, so I’m thinking of making it a galaxy style circle skirt perhaps?

  3. Ki Shah says:

    I think your problem is spilling too much booze on yourself when you are out. If you like I can help you disguise the effect by going out with you in the dress and coating you inside and out with sambuca.

  4. JuliaDBennett says:

    Bizarrely, I had something similar happen to me when I spilled neat fabric conditioner on the fabric before washing and hadn’t noticed. Is that just me? Has anyone else had that happen?

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